Marcia was already a mile out when the thought of a weapon—or lack thereof, crossed her mind.

Ancient Rome. Year 496 BC.



The Ides of May





Marcia seeks her father—a mercenary from the north of Italy, after the battle of Lake Regillus. She finds out her father was killed in confusing circumstances.

Due to a last minute oath between her father and the man who killed him—a young Roman shield-maker named Marcus, she is forced to marry the killer and move with him to Rome.

She loses her voice in the process and she believes it to be a curse placed upon her during childhood. She has to live with her new family in total silence.

She learns, however, that other voices within her are far more powerful than the one she lost. Seeking peace in the turmoil of her times, she discovers God’s love and the promise of a Savior to come. Like fellow believers spread around Rome, she looks forward to His coming.

At the same time she finds her calling. Helped by a faithful slave, one of her sisters and her transformed husband, she helps the voiceless—the poor, of Rome.

In times of intricacies between patricians and plebians, unscrupulous money-lenders and malicious priest-warriors, and while Rome is constantly attacked by rebels and the fearsome Volsci, she finds love and she thrives.

Her curse returns, though, and she is forced to choose between the God she now firmly believes in and that which is most precious to her:

Her firstborn son.


Central Italy, around the year 500 BC.